Seriously surprising


Market leader in Cymbidium arrangements

 Making clear agreements and keeping them to the letter, that is Prins Orchidee. We link that professionalism to creativity, because we want to inspire you with innovative and modern arrangements. That too is Prins Orchidee, but with the emphasis on idea.

It is no accident that Prins Orchidee has been successful in Cymbidium arrangements for over 30 years. Our added-value Cymbidium flowers are highly prized by consumers, ensuring a customer base which is still growing.

We grow our flowers at two of the most modern production locations in Westland, with a combined area of approx. 3 hectares. Within these facilities, an area of 6,000 m2 has been specially equipped for the production and loading of Cymbidium arrangements. As well as being passionate growers, we are also efficient businesspeople, investing in a sustainable future and working with the best suppliers. Our aim is to guarantee a consistent and high-quality product.

Your wishes are key at Prins Orchidee. Our large pool of experienced staff allows us to flexibly meet your demand.